CORE 100 Lumen Tent Light, 2-Pack

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CORE 100 Lumen Tent Light, 2-pack


  • Low Profile Design
  • Multi-functional Steel Hook
  • 3 Power Settings
  • IPX-4 Water Resistance
  • Batteries Included
Take back precious headspace. Unlike traditional lanterns, the tent light has a low profile design and compact hook that makes the most of your space. Overhead lighting with downward facing LEDs make the tent light optimal for reading, playing cards, and getting organized after the sun goes down. When your day is done, use the easy-on-your-eyes amber night light to put off a soft glow you can sleep under night after night.

When you're not using the light in your tent, it's perfect for food prep and table top usage. Just rotate the steel hook stand up and let the light do the rest.

The Core 100 Lumen Tent Light requires 3AA batteries that are included for your convenience. When it is time to change the batteries, please note that it is important to never mix old and new batteries.

  • Multi-function: Hang from tents and branches or rotate to prop up on a table for grilling and food prep
  • Three power setting
  • High Mode (100 Lumens): A bright pattern of evenly dispersed light up to 11 meters with a runtime of 22 hours
  • Low Mode (17 Lumens): A soft pattern of evenly dispersed light up to 5 meters with a runtime of 150 hours
  • Night Light Mode (1 Lumen): Provides a warm, comforting light up to 2 meters for a runtime of 153 hours
  • IPX-4 water resistant & durable: This tent light is built with high quality materials to handle life outdoors. It can withstand a fall onto a dirt surface from up to a meter high and will still function properly after being exposed to rain and water (but should not be fully submerged)
  • Comes with 3 AA batteries

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