Aqua Lily The Pad 17' x 6' Floating Foam Mat, Dual Foam Layer Construction

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The Pad 17' x 6' Floating Foam Mat By Aqua Lily Products


  • Dual Foam Layer Construction
  • Proprietary UV-Resistant Foam
  • Flex-Core Technology Maintains Shape Through Multiple Uses
  • Storage Straps & 6' Tether

Product Details

Unroll this 17ft x 6ft dual-layer floating pad to create your own buoyant personal island on your next lake or pool adventure. Kick back, tan, or use as a resting point for any number of water activities. The Pad by Aqua Lily Products offers plenty of room for the whole family (including pets) to get wet and cool off in a safe and comfortable environment.

The floating mat holds up to 7 adults (1,200 lbs distributed weight) and is made of double-layer proprietary UV resistant foam which incorporates Aqua Lily's "Flex-Core Technology" for strength, allowing the pad to be rolled and unrolled easily. The UV treatment combined with the "Flex-Core Technology" will provide you with season after season of floating fun.

Included is a 6ft tether system for securing the pad to a dock, anchored boat, or anchored buoy. Please note that this item is not designed to be towed behind any watercraft, or vehicle. The included tether system is only to secure or anchor the item to prevent it from floating away.

When it is time to pack up or transport the mat, the Neptune's Island comes complete with straps, that can be used to bind the mat into a compact roll.

  • Foam Layers: 2
  • Made from proprietary UV resistant foam
  • Incorporates Aqua Lily's "Flex-Core Technology" to maintain shape after rolling and unrolling
  • Single anchor point with 6' tether system
  • Not designed for towing behind water craft or vehicles
  • Capacity: up to 1,200 lbs (evenly distributed); or 7 adults
  • Dimensions: 17' L x 6' W x 1-3/8" H
  • Weight: 38 lbs

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