Atomi Smart WiFi LED Color Wall Sconce Lights, 2-pack

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Atomi Smart WiFi LED Color Wall Sconce Lights, 2-pack


  • App and Voice-Activated Control
  • Tunable White and Color-Changing Hue
  • IP65-rated for Outdoor Use
  • Built-In Scenes and Effects
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Product Details

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Features Overview

Smart WiFi LED Wall Sconce Lights

Smart WiFi LED Wall Sconce Lights

Control your wall lights right from your smartphone

Atomi Smart WiFi Color Sconce in the living room

Works with Alexa or Google Assistant

Connect the Smart WiFi Color Wall Sconce to your Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices for hands-free control.

Atomi Smart Wall Sconce mounted outside on the home

Color-Changing Hue

Play with 16 million colors to create the effect you want. Save your favorite light settings and recall them over again.

Warm white sconce lighting in the backyard

Tunable White

Choose a warm white light for the summer or an ice cool light for the winter. Enjoy any shade of white light to fit your mood.

Colorful Christmas scene at the front door

Built-in Scenes and Effects

Multiple scene modes are great for holidays and events such as Christmas, Halloween, themed birthdays, and more.

Front view of a home with the Atomi Smart Wall Sconce Lights


Set timers or weekly schedules that fit your lifestyle. Experience your lights turning on and off automatically.

Atomi Smart Wall Sconce Lights in the snow


Designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and can be used year round in rain, sun, wind, or snow.


  1. 2-Pack Sconce Lights
  2. Built-in LED Light
  3. No Bulb to Replace
  4. Brushed Aluminum Finish
  5. All-Weather Resistant
Close up of the Atomi Smart Wall Sconces

Features Overview

Color options and white hues for the Atomi Smart Wall Sconces
Blue lighting outside the home
Warm white lighting with the front view of a home
Features of the Atomi Smart app
About the Atomi Smart app
Atomi Smart Wall Sconces (2-pack)

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