Cat Junior Crew Tipper, 14” Construction Vehicle with Personality and Features

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Cat Junior Crew Tipper


  • 14” Construction Vehicle with Personality and Features
  • Bring Tipper to Life by Pressing Its Helmet
  • Smart Sensors and Motorized Movements
  • 50+ Phrases and Sounds
  • Recommended Ages: 2+

Product Details

The chunky preschool friendly Tipper is a large 14” vehicle filled with tons of personality and ready to be your new comedic best friend! Interacting with Tipper will bring it to life with motorized facial movements and 50+ phrases and sounds. With a number of smart sensors on board, Tipper will know what you’re trying to do at all times and switch the conversation to match that play pattern. Motorized wheels allow Tipper to perform various animated movements only dreamed of by other vehicles. It’s more than just fun and games, your child will develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they interact with Tipper on numerous adventures. Real Cat® machines are known for their high quality. This toy is built to withstand the tough demands of rugged play and will be your child’s go-to toy. 

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