Creative White Bear Statue Storage Tray, Resin Arctic White Bear Tray

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Creative Bear Figurine Jewelry Storage Tray Decorative Bear Statue Ornament Animal Sculpture

Product name:
Arctic White Bear Tray
Size: Please see the picture or ask the seller
Function: Home decoration, gift giving
Applicable space:Living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, coffee shop,bookshop...
Packing: carton + bubble bag + foam filling (very safe packaging)
Customer Service: ① 24 hours fast delivery;② 24-hour online service;③ There is no reason to return or exchange goods within 15 days.

About the store:
1. The package uses a bubble column which is very strong and striking.
2. There are high-quality logistics partners to ensure packages are on time (some packages cooperate with official logistics)
3.If you receive damage to items, please don't negative comment, you can contact online customer service, provide photos, verify it, reshipment for you
4. If you find that something is missing, you can contact online customer service. After checking the weight, if anything is missing, you can spend it again for free.
5. If logistics has not updated new information for a long time, you can directly contact online customer service to solve it for you. Do not claim disputes directly. Thank you for your understanding.
6. The outer layer uses black packing bags or yellow adhesive tape for privacy in terms of packaging, me and my little friends are very careful!