1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside Dash Cam, Dash Camera Driving Recorder with GPS and Speed

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【170° Wide Angle & WDR & Night Vision FHD 1080P】

  170° Wide angle coverage for dash cam front, 150° Wide angle for dash cam inside. F1.8 aperture increases light throughput and enhances WDR Technology, which delivers normal clear images in case of overexposed or underexposed ones. With built-in Sony IMX 323 sensor, NT96663 processor, and 4 infrared LEDs, license plates and road signs captured in highway at night are quite distinct. Details you submitted as evidence can be sharply seen via this driving recorder.

【Safer Supercapacitor Power Supply】

  Built-in supercapacitor of this dvr vehicle camera is more resistant to high temperature than built-in batteries of other dash cams, which withstands extreme climates ranging from -20°C/-4°F to 70°C/158°F. No worry about your driving security going off surveillance because of dash cam easily breaking down.

【Loop Recording & Emergency File Locking】

  Seamless loop recording is supported by this dash camera for cars. Time interval is arbitrarily set. Max 5-minute loop recording. When SD card is full, car recorder camera will overwrite the oldest file automatically to save the current ones. You don't need to worry that you lose the proof of car accident fact and take the responsibility which is not yours. Support to provide the latest smooth objective eyewitness evidence following a crash on road, a hit-and-run incident.

  170° Dual front and back dash cam accurately no-blindspot captures and locks video clips to "emergency file" folder caused by G-sensor automatic collision detection. No worry that important files were unsaved or overwritten.

️【24-Hour Parked-Car Monitoring】

  Use a 5V/2.5A or 5V/2A hardwired kit with micro USB and connect dash cam to your car power. While parking in uptown or downtown, parking mode triggers to record lock videos of hit-and-runs or other damage to your vehicle, assisting you to find the responsible and protect your interests.

【GPS Tracking】

  With GPS and speed function, dash cam for uber records driving speed and pinpoints vehicle's location and driving route, figuring out how a traffic incident occurred.

【WIFI Sync】

  D30 Car recorder camera with 1.5-inch LCD screen supports WiFi connecting to mobile devices. You can view, download, share videos, and change settings clearly and intuitively via easy-to-operate APP "Ficam", solving the trouble of poorly car cam button controls. Furthermore, accident videos transmitted to your phone have already been under your double protection.

【Knob attached Suction-Cup Installation】

  It is flexible to place dash cam wherever you want in your vehicle with the 11.81ft USB cable. Compare to adhesive pads, suction-cup mount is easier to swap and reposition. But the knob on its neck helps dash cam to be firm to windshield, and will not loosen due to hot weather. Perfect for Uber, Lyft, and rideshare drivers.

【30-Day Free Return & Full 12-Month Warranty】

  30-Day free return. Come with a full 12-month warranty. Any confusion or questions, feel free to contact us by leaving a message. We will reply to you within 24 hours. Working hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-18:30pm (GMT+8)

  • 【Specification】

        Video Resolution: 1920x1080P @ 30fps

        Sensor: CMOS 200W

        Processor: NT96663

        Photo Format: JEPG

        Video Format: H.264

        Angel: 170° (Front), 150° (Inside)

        Aperture: F=1.8

        Micro SD Maximum Capacity: 256GB

        Working Temperature: -20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 158°F

  • 【Hightlight】

    •     Dual 1080P Front and Inside Recording
    •     Novatek NT96663 High Performance CPU
    •     Dual Sony Sensor & GPS Tracking
    •     Wi-Fi Connectivity and Mobile APP
    •     Support Up to 256GB Max
    •     Infrared Night Vision
    •     24-hour Parking Monitor
  • ▶️ User Manual PDF (open on the desktop platform)

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  • Warm Tips

    ◽ Micro SD card should be formatted every 1-2 weeks to maintain good read/write performance.

    ◽ Dash cam will automatically overwrite the locked files once the emergency files folder reaches 30% of the card capacity. Please regularly transfer important videos to your PC or other devices.

    ◽ The images will turn black and white when infrared LED is on.

  • Package List

    ◽ 1x Front and Inside Dash Cam

    ◽ 1x USB Cable(11.81ft)

    ◽ 1x Car Charger

    ◽ 1x Suction Cup Mount

    ◽ 1x User Manual

    Other Accessory: 

    Hardwire Kit, a must have for parking mode (Not Included)

    SD Card, Not Included

  • Q&A

    ◽ Q: Why did my dash cam turn off ?

    ◽ A: Dash cam isn't with a built-in battery. If it was connected to the cigarette lighter in your car, it would shut off immediately after car engine is turned off. If it was connected to the car battery, check if you have enabled parking mode, automatic shut-off, or motion detection (refer to the corresponding features).

    ◽ Q: Did dash cam go into sleep mode while recording?

    ◽ A: It could be because the screen protection feature was enabled, causing the screen to go into sleep mode. Check if the indicator light is still flashing to confirm recording is ongoing.

    ◽ Q: How to format your memory card correctly?

    ◽ A: Format SD card to FAT32 on your computer. Press power button to enter menu. (If the car camera dvr is recording video, press "OK" button to stop recording first). Press "Down" button to choose the "Format Memory Card" option, and press OK to Format.

    ◽ Q: Why do I turn on my dash cam every time, the date goes back to the previous time?

    ◽ A: Confirm where the recorder is connected to the car. It is recommended to reset the recorder and use normal 5V/2A to directly connect the recorder to power supply. Check whether the time is normal after booting.

    ◽ Q: Why the file video recorded by the dash camera cannot be displayed?

    ◽ A: You can check whether the files recorded by the SD card can be played normally on the computer. If can't, try to format the SD card.

    ◽ Q: After the phone connects to wifi of car dash camera, the APP cannot connect to dash camera?

    ◽ A: Maybe you chose "Yes" when the phone prompts to switch to mobile network data after the phone connects to the dash cam's WiFi. Try to change this setting.

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