Duracell PowerBlock 500 Portable Gasless Battery Generator

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Duracell PowerBlock 500 Portable Gasless Battery Generator


  • Built-in 200W MPPT Solar Controller
  • LCD Display
  • 4 Hour Recharge Time
  • 500W Lithium-Ion Battery

Duracell PowerBlock 500 Gasless Battery Generator

Product Description

Enjoy safe, portable power when you need it most. The Duracell PowerBlock 500 is a gasless battery generator that can make adventure more fun and emergencies less stressful. The PowerBlock 500 includes a 478Wh Lithium-Ion battery and 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter that can power up to seven devices at once through multiple ports: 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB-A Ports, 1 USB-C Port and a 12V DC socket. Bring speakers, laptops and a mini-fridge on your next camping trip, or have plenty of lighting and keep cellphones charged the next time your household power goes out. For added convenience the Duracell PowerBlock 500 can be recharged two different ways: With AC or using solar panels (like Duracell’s 200W Portable Solar Panel).


Designed for Ease of Use

Designed for Ease of Use

Lightweight (10.6 lbs), compact and with its convenient, ergonomic handle, The Duracell PowerBlock 500 can easily be moved around the house or taken on the go, yet it’s powerful enough to run your most important devices. Simply plug in to any or all of its 7 ports, press the power button and that’s it. The intelligent LCD screen display shows exactly how many hours of power you have remaining based on the devices connected. When charging, the display also shows how much time it will take to get the PowerBlock 500 fully recharged.
The Safety and Silence of Battery Power

The Safety and Silence of Battery Power

Unlike gas-powered generators, the Duracell PowerBlock 500 is battery powered, meaning it’s safe for both outdoor and indoor use with no worries about fuel storage or dangerous fumes. The PowerBlock 500 provides clean and sustainable energy and

Internal Confidential emits 81% less CO2 emissions than gas-powered generators, all with silent operation since there’s no motor. The Duracell PowerBlock 500 is UL2743 safety certified and has built-in protection features to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Emergency Power When You Need It

Emergency Power When You Need It

Keep the Duracell PowerBlock 500 on standby for power outages caused by weather or other emergencies so you can have lighting, get important news and keep cellphones charged. When not in use it’s both safe and smart to keep the PowerBlock 500 plugged into an AC outlet to keep it fully charged — it’s designed to optimize power without overcharging the battery, giving you maximum power to keep critical devices operating until your household power is restored. Don’t always have access to an AC outlet? No problem, the PowerBlock 500 can keep a charge for up to 1 year when not in use.
Fast and Convenient Recharging Options (Just 4 Hours to Recharge with Solar!)

Fast and Convenient Recharging Options (Just 4 Hours to Recharge with Solar!)

The Duracell PowerBlock includes a built-in 200-Watt MPPT solar controller that allows for a 4-hour recharge time with most 200W solar panels (solar panel not included). The PowerBlock 500 can also be recharged by connecting to an AC outlet (7 hours to recharge). Recharge times are approximate and depend on conditions.
Includes PowerBoost Technology for Larger Appliances

Includes PowerBoost Technology for Larger Appliances

Some devices, like refrigerators, need a little extra boost of power to get started. The Duracell PowerBlock 500 has a built-in PowerBoost inverter designed to withstand a higher wattage power draw (up to 1000 watts) for a short time — just enough time to get your device going.
Exceptions for Use

Exceptions for Use

The PowerBlock 500 can be used to power a wide variety of devices. However, use with air conditioners or items with heating elements such as space heaters, rice cookers and hot plates should be avoided. Appliances such as these may exceed the inverter's 500W limit and can deplete the PowerBlock 500’s stored energy in just a few minutes.


Brand   Duracell
Color   Black
Continuous Wattage   500 W
Dimensions - Depth   10.6 in.
Dimensions - Height   6.9 in.
Dimensions - Width   9.7 in.
Generator Type   Portable
Number of AC Outlets   3
Number of DC Outlets   1
Peak Wattage   1,000 W
Power Source   Solar
Weight   10.6 lb.

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