Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 Jump Starter, Air Compressor and Power Inverter

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Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 Jump Starter and Powerpack

A workhorse for both recreation and roadside emergencies: The Powerpack Pro 1300 recharges engines up to 8 cylinders with 1300 peak Amps of starting current. Its 18Ah rechargeable battery serves as a stand-alone power source, getting you back on the road without the need for another car.

The Powerpack also operates a variety of tools and electronics (up to 600 combined Watts) through its dual AC outlets and two 2.4A USB ports. An integrated air compressor also supplies up to 100 PSI to inflate tires and sports equipment.

The Powerpack 1300 is designed for heavy use with a tough outer case, 6 AWG jumper cables, 12V DC auxiliary power port, and a bright LED flashlight.


  • Safely Jump-start Without Another Vehicle

  • Power Household Items Anywhere

  • Quickly Inflate Tires Up To 100 PSI

  • 12V DC Auxiliary Power Port

  • Bright LED Flashlight


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