Duracell PowerSource 660 Quiet Portable Battery Powered Generator, 660 Amp Hours

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Duracell PowerSource 660 Portable Battery Powered Generator, 660 Amp Hours



  • 660 Watt Hour Battery Capacity ( 12V, 55Ah)
  • 4 AC Outlets for Powering Household Items
  • 2 USB Ports for On-the-Go Power
  • LCD Power Display
The Duracell PowerSource 660 is a powerful, high capacity battery pack that is designed to power your
favorite devices anytime, anywhere. It’s ideal as an emergency power supply but also extremely useful
for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating. The PowerSource provides 660 Watt Hours of clean
reliable battery power without the smoke, gas and noise associated with traditional gas powered
generators. In an emergency situation having power is critical. In most major emergencies you can be
stranded without power for several days. The PowerSource allows you to keep critical devices powered
up until power is restored.

Keep your devices charged in the most remote locations with the PowerSource 660, and countless other
accessories that make your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable. The PowerSource 660 will
pass power directly from the wall to any connected devices and immediately switch to its own internal
battery power if the wall power is cut ensuring that the connected devices never skip a beat.

  • 660 watt hour battery capacity ( 12V, 55Ah)
  • 4 AC outlets for powering household items
  • 2 USB ports for on the go power
  • LCD power display
  • 1 12V DC outlet
  • Instant on UPS feature for uninterrupted power
  • Built-in handles for easy transport
  • AC input for 10Hr recharging
  • Threaded terminals for secure connection to additional batteries
  • Built-in solar controller with Anderson connector for 10Hr recharging     

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