Eurmax Premium 10' x 10' Instant Canopy Tent with Enclosure Sidewalls

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Eurmax Premium 10' x 10' Instant Canopy Tent with Enclosure Sidewalls


  • Easy to Set up and Close Down
  • Steel Frame with Hexagonal Leg
  • 500d Fabric, Water Resistant and UV Protection
  • Thumb-Lock Push Button Release
  • Includes: Frame, Top, Roller Bag, Enclosure Walls, 4 Stakes & 4 Ropes
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What's included:

What's included:

  • Commercial Grade Frame
  • Professional Quality Top
  • Enclosure Wall Kit
  • Heavy Duty Wheeled Bag
  • 4 Ropes
  • 4 Spikes

Eurmax Canopy Signature Roller Bag

The large 4.7” nylon wheels make portability smooth, even on rough ground. Removing the canopy top after each use is not required. Our roller bag is large enough to pack away your canopy top and frame.
Eurmax Canopy Signature Roller Bag
Unique Hexagon Shaped Leg

Unique Hexagon Shaped Leg

Research has found that most pop-up canopies break due to heavy winds. This may cause the legs to buckle or bend at the corners.


Eurmax Canopy’s unique innovation of our large Hexagon Shaped Leg, promotes stability and strength. This sets us apart from the competition.

High Quality Wall Set-Up


  1. Hook-and-loop fasteners throughout the inside perimeter of the top.
  2. Three solid walls and one front wall with roll up door and bug screen window. Each wall sets up individually and zippers at the corners. Make a full enclosure or any other configuration you desire.
  3. Each wall connects by zippering each corner of the wall.
  4. The rolled up screen window allows fresh air and keeps out nasty bugs.
  5. Our front door panel can easily be rolled up without having to remove the entire wall.
High Quality Wall Set-Up
Thumb Lock - Push Buttons

Thumb Lock - Push Buttons

This is the latest technology in the pop up canopy industry. It makes set up quick. Each spring loaded push button, automatically locks into place during set-up and provides a one handed quick release upon closing without pinching your fingers. It’s a cinch without the pinch!

Features and Benefits:

  • No Tools Needed, No Assembly Required
  • Jumbo 1 3/5" Hexagon Shaped Legs: Adds rigidity and strength.
  • Thumb-lock Push Button: One handed close, folds up and packs away in minutes- It’s a cinch without the pinch!
  • Signature Roller Bag: Smooth Portability Even on Rough Ground. 
  • 500D Professional Fabric: 99% UV protection, UPF 50+ and CPAI-84 Fire Certification
  • 3 Height Settings: Gives you more headroom clearance
  • Rope Length Adjuster: Holds down canopy top firmly, adjustable
  • Wall attachment- Velcro throughout inside brim of the canopy top
  • Hammer-tone frame finish: Durable, scratch and rust resistant
  • Industrial Grade Nylon Fittings: Strong and Durable


  • Weight in Wheel-Bag 64 LBS
  • Enclosure Wall Kit Weight: 7 LBS
  • Folded in Wheel-Bag 11” x 11” x 64” High 
  • Footprint Setup 10’ x 10’ x 11.5’ High 
  • Head-Clearance: 6.4FT – 7FT 
  • 100 Sq. Ft. of Shade-Coverage