Horizon Slimygloop Slimy Sand, 12pc Set 5.5 Lbs Play Sand

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Slimygloop Ultimate Slimy Sand Kit


Mold it. Stretch it. Expand it. Immerse yourself in a world of sensory fun with seven different colorful play sand and tools inside the Ultimate Slimygloop Slimy Sand Kit. As soon as you reach in and grab the Slimy Sand from the reusable bags, you’ll feel the difference — it molds like sand and stretches like Slimygloop. Oh, and did we mention there are seven super sweet smells like green apple, strawberry, and blue raspberry. Scoop the sand into colorful, sweet-smelling mounds or pack them into any of the six fun molds — like castles, a dinosaur, or unicorn — watch them take shape as you remove the mold. Let this play sand run through your fingers or the sifter tool, then crush your creations with the two stamp rollers to see them expand. Explore your senses when you hide the molds under the sand and then go for a scavenger hunt with the shovel to find them — what do you see, smell, and feel. Slimy Sand doesn’t just make for a less-mess sensory experience — it allows for hours and hours of open-ended play. Pair this activity kit with your favorite sensory bin, then mix in beads, glitter, or foam balls to explore all sorts of textures and enjoy hours of screen-free fun. Recommended for ages 3+.Product Features:

  • Create and explore a world of sensory fun with the Slimygloop Ultimate Slimy Sand Kit, a 19-piece set complete with over 4 lbs. of colorful, scented Slimy Sand and tons of tactile accessories
  • Slimy Sand stretches, molds, and takes shape — grab a handful, press it into the six included molds, flip it onto your play area, and lift it to reveal your creations
  • Squish, twist, stretch and squeeze seven ready-made play sand for an unmatched sensory experience — crush it with the two stamp rollers to make cool impressions that expand
  • Use the slice tool to divide up your Slimy Sand, then scoop it up and let it fall through the sifting tool to watch it expand
  • Use the shovel to push and pile the sensory sand, then pack it into the treasure chest and shark molds to create an imaginary underwater adventure
  • Slimy Sand is hassle-free and easy to clean up — just keep it in the resealable bags so it doesn’t dry out
  • Strengthen fine motor skills while simultaneously relieving stress as you squish and squeeze — the act of stretching and squeezing induces relaxation and is the perfect choice for screen-free fun
  • Collect them all. Discover every color and scent to create a whole world of moldable, stretchable, and expandable creations
  • Age ranges: 6+
  • Includes six molds (dinosaur, unicorn, two castles, treasure chest, sharks), two roller impressions (mermaid scales, rainbows), seven bags of slimy sand (neon green apple, white vanilla, orange citrus, yellow lemon, blue raspberry, purple grape, pink strawberry, 10 oz. each), one sand shovel, two scoopers, one sift and slice tool, easy-to-follow instructions

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