illuminlabs Stainless Steel Solar Ground Lights, LED Disk Lights

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illuminlabs Stainless Steel Solar Ground Lights, LED Disk Lights

We bring stars to your yard and make a sweet home for you and your family!
Decorate and protect your home with illuminlabs solar ground Lights. They are the newest in portable powerful solar powered exterior lighting. You can now decorate your own home without having to pay a fortune! There is no wiring needed so these lights are super easy to use. Just mount to the ground, and you’re done! illuminlabs solar ground Lights are completely cost efficient because they utilize light conversion technology that absorbs the sun’s energy in storage cells converting solar power to electricity! Each Disk Light contains ultra-bright LEDs that last over 10 years. The lights are durable and waterproof, made of stainless steel and tough enough to be run over by a lawn mower! They turn on automatically when the lights go down, giving you 8 hours of bright light. Simple and easy; you can stake them on the ground, mount them with hook and loop strips or place them on the floor to deliver the right look to your home. No more spending on expensive lighting that requires wiring; create beautiful cascades of light using the illuminlabs solar ground Lights!

Warm Tips:
Please kindly noted that as a solar powered product, the working time is weather sensitive.(The working time will change depending on the weather, Intensity of sunlight and charging time)

If the light does not work at the first time you use, please turn on the light and then put it under the sun for 6-12 hours. The light should work again after recharge it.
Make sure the lamps are switched on before take them out to gather solar energy.
Please position the outdoor lights in a location where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight during the day. Do not install in areas with bright lights at night. If the light sensor detects enough light, the outdoor solar lights will not come on automatically.
Before pressing the solar lights into the ground, please loosen the ground first to avoid bending the spike stake.
Keep the Solar Panel Clean - Wiping it regularly with a damp cloth. A dirty panel will reduce the amount of sunlight available to charge the unit’s batteries.

Product Specification:
• Color:Black
• Light color: Warm White
• LED: 8 LEDs
• Solar panel: 2V 130mA
• Waterproof grade: IP65
• Charging time: 6-8 hours
• Working time: 8-10 hours
• Material: Stainless steel & ABS
• Lithium battery: 1*AAA Ni-MH 800mAh

Package Contents:
• Solar Ground lights (4x)
• Spikes (8pcs/4 set)
• User manual(1x)

  •  Upgraded Battery - Compared with other 600mAh solar ground lights on the market, the conversion rate of illuminlabs solar panels is increased by 33%, and the battery capacity is increased to 800mAh.After fully charged during the day, the solar light disks can be lit for 8-10 hours at night.
  •  Diffusion Lens -  The newly designed reflective bottom plate above the LEDS makes the light softer and brighter in the night. We bring stars to your yard and make a sweet home for you and your family! 
  •  Larger Solar Panel Area - Compared with others' 1.3"x 1.5", our solar panel has upgraded to 1.4"x 2".Larger area means under the same irradiation time, our solar lights will store more energy, then they will be brighter and work longer.
  •  304 stainless steel & Impact Resistant - The solar light housing is made of ultra-high hardness stainless steel + painting process, and is fixed with 6 strong screws, which is assembled seamlessly and can withstand 60KG pressure.
  •  Weather Resistance & IP65 Waterproof - These solar ground lights can work in temperatures between -13 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. IP65 dust & water resistant with superb stainless steel, without water droplets or mist entering it. They can work properly in all weather, no worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet.
  •   Non-Slip Design Stake & Easy to Use - Strong spike stake made of harder reinforced plastic instead of flimsy plastic. It just need only 15~20 seconds to insert directly in the place exposed to sunshine. Keep the switch "ON"--they will automatically ON at night and OFF during the day.
  •   100% Satisfaction - Our top-notch customer services: As a Silicon Valley business, we work hard to keep our customers happy, not just by offering high-quality products, but also by providing the customer services that follow the standards of Silicon Valley companies.

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