Interstate Batteries Powersport AGM Motorcycle Battery FAYTX5L

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Interstate Batteries Powersport AGM Motorcycle Battery FAYTX5L
Factory activated absorbed glass-material (AGM) batteries are fully charged, sealed and ready for install. They can be mounted at virtually any angle without spilling, leaks or water to check.  Built to the highest standards with advanced technology.  Built for toughness and longer life. High-impact cover resists breakage. Rigid plastic container and heat-bonded unit resists flexing under extreme vibration.  

Applications:  Motorcycle

  • EZ Grip Cover - Simple installation
  • Enhanced Active Material - Compounded to withstand vibration and prolong battery life
  • Large Heavy-Duty Flush Terminals - Constructed to allow front and top connections
  • Protective Separator Material - Enhances vibration resistance
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Separators - Absorb electrolyte, making the battery non-spillable
  • Safety Flame-Arrestor - Leak proof valve relieves excess pressure
  • Heat Bonded Cover - Eliminates leaks and corrosion
  • Factory Activated AGM

  • Group Size: FAYTX5L
  • Part Number: FAYTX5L
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):  80
  • Amp Hours (Ah) @ 10Hr: 4
  • Volts: 12
  • W = (Wet:W, Dry:D)
  • Length: 4 1/2"
  • Width: 2 13/16"
  • Height: 4 3/16"
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • No Assembly Required
  • 6-month Warranty

Suggested Care:  A battery only requires a little monthly maintenance to perform perfectly. Keep the battery charged to 100%, recharging when the lights dim, the starter sounds weak, or the battery hasn't been used in more than two weeks.

Suggested Clean:  During monthly care routine or when necessary, keep the top free of grime, check cables, clamps, and battery case for obvious damage or loose connections, and clean terminals and connectors.

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