Kidde Plug-In Multi-Gas Alarm and Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 2-pack

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Kidde Plug-In Multi-Gas Alarm and Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 2-pack


  • Suitable for all Living Areas
  • Continuous Protection
  • Test/Reset Button
  • Low Battery Warning

The multi-gas alarm is a 120 V AC powered, plug-in carbon monoxide, propane and natural gas alarm with battery backup and a digital display. This alarm is easily installed in any of your wall outlets, giving you the choice of a direct-plug, a 6' power cord or a table top unit.

The portable battery operated (2 AAs) carbon monoxide (CO) alarm uses electrochemical sensing technology. It provides continuous monitoring of CO levels even during power outages and allows for installation on a wall or placed on a tabletop.


Multi-Gas Alarm:

  • Digital display shows continuous readout giving you peace of mind at-a-glance
  • 9V Battery backup provides continuous protection, even during power outages
  • Detects carbon monoxide and natural gas (methane) or propane


Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

  •  2 AA Battery operated alarm provides continuous protection and flexible installation for areas with no AC outlets
  •  Low battery signal alerts when the batteries need to be replaced, while the hush silences chirp warning for up to 12 hours


 Both Alarms:

  •  Test / Reset Button - Tests the unit for proper operation and resets the alarm
  •  Both alarms provide continuous monitoring of CO levels
  •  Loud 85-decibel alarm
  •  UL Listed



  • Multi-gas alarm with 9V backup battery
  • Carbon monoxide alarm with 2 AA batteries
  • User manuals



  • Multigas Alarm: 6.1 in. x 3.8 in. x 1.8 in.
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 4.5 in. x 2.75 in. x 1.5 in
  • Explosive Gas Detection



  • Multigas Alarm: 5 year limited
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 10 year limited

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