La Crosse Technology Wattz Projection Alarm Clock with Smart Charger

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La Crosse Wattz 2.0 Projection Alarm Clock


  • 10-Watt Wireless Phone Charger
  • Smart Watch and Earbud Charging Docks
  • Projects Time Onto Wall or Ceiling
  • Adjustable LCD Brightness and Projection Brightness
  • Custom Display Modes

Product Details

WARNING: This product can expose you to Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:
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Wattz 2.0 Projection Alarm Clock

Wattz 2.0 Projection Alarm Clock

Wattz 2.0 Projection Alarm Clock

The Wattz 2.0 Projection Alarm Clock is a perfect bedside companion. Capable of charging all of your mobile devices while providing the time, date, temperature, and humidity information on a color LCD, the alarm clock can also project the time onto your wall or ceiling in large red numbers. You can even add a wireless sensor (sold separately) for outdoor temperature and humidity data. Upgrade your bedroom today with the Wattz 2.0 5-in-1 Projection Alarm Clock from La Crosse Technology!

Features Overview

  1. 10-Watt Wireless Charger
  2. Smart Watch Charging
  3. Earbud Charging
  4. Projection
  5. Easy-Access Buttons
  6. Color LCD Screen

Features Designed for Your Everyday Life

10-Watt Wireless Qi-Charging

10-Watt Wireless Qi-Charging

Designed to work with just about any Qi-charging phone on the market, Wattz 2.0 features a 3.55” cradle with a blue charging indicator and adjustable charging coil so you can charge up quickly and conveniently.


Avoid a bright LCD at night using the large easy-to-read projection. The arm offers 105° of tilt, 270° of image rotation, and adjustable projection brightness to ensure the best look and placement on your wall or ceiling. Wattz 2.0 offers both time and outdoor temperature and humidity data to be projected but requires an add-on sensor (sold separately) for outdoor readings.

Note: The fixed focus projection will look best around 7ft (2.1m) away. Add-on sensor required for outdoor temp & humidity data projection.


Beautiful Color Display

Beautiful Color Display

With 5 different brightness settings, an auto-dim option, and 5 different display modes, it’s safe to say Wattz 2.0 has nearly every feature you’re looking for. The various display modes include Weekday & Date, Indoor Temp & Humidity, Outdoor Temp & Humidity*, Alarm Time with ON/OFF Setting, Snooze Duration Countdown, and the ability to Auto-Scroll between all display modes.


*Outdoor data requires an add-on sensor (sold separately)

Smartwatch Charging

Found in the clock’s bottom storage compartment, the expertly engineered smartwatch stand features an open design for use with a variety of smartwatch models. It will secure directly into the side of the clock and works well combined with the cable organizer and USB type A port on the back.

Note: Smartwatch & charging cord not included

Smartwatch Charging
Earbud Charging

Earbud Charging

To complete the trio, Wattz 2.0 also comes with a built-in USB type C charging port, primarily designed to work with wireless earbud cases. The bottom storage compartment houses the necessary parts to make this happen, and can even store your excess charging cord from sight. Watch the product video above for further instruction.

Ascending Time Alarm

Prevent a loud and abrupt start to your day with the gentle beeping sound alarm found in Wattz 2.0. The beeping will gradually become more frequent over a two-minute period to help get you up and moving. If not deactivated or snoozed, the alarm will shut off automatically to remove any possible ongoing annoyance to family members or neighbors in the event you forget to deactivate it.
Included Accessories

Included Accessories

To be able to charge three different devices simultaneously, Wattz 2.0 uses various accessories to help keep your space and cords organized. These include the cable organizer, smartwatch stand, earbud dock, dock cover, and a large and small cable fitting. Our product video above shows how these all work together.

360 Degree View

Double Click to zoom


Model Number

C75709 | C75709-INT

Power Requirements

Primary Power: 9.0V Power Cord (Included)



Battery Backup: 1 "CR2032" Coin Cell (Included)

LCD Brightness

4 Intensity Levels + OFF

(Programmable Auto-Dim Backlight Option)

Projection Brightness
2 Intensity Levels + OFF
Wireless Charger Power Output

10 Watts


USB A & C Charging Port Output

1 Amp Maximum Current (each)

(Charging Cords Not Included)

Programmable Snooze Duration
5 to 120 Minutes
Indoor Temperature Range

32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Indoor Humidity Range
10% to 99% RH
Settings Backup

The included CR2032 battery will save your Time and Settings when power is lost. LCD and projection will not show.


Thermo-Hygro Sensor

To gain access to all display modes as well as projection options, an optional add-on temperature and humidity sensor (sold separately) is required. This device should be mounted outside in a shaded location for the best results.


See the full manual to find links to add-on devices


Headphone Stand

For users with larger headphone types, an optional headphone stand (sold separately) can be attached using the built-in hole on top of the alarm clock.


Headphone stand, headphones, and watch not included. See the full manual to find links to add-on devices.


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