Made By Me Explore + Create Sensory Bin, Unicorn Dino Galaxy Sea Life Water Bead Art

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ALL-IN-ONE SENSORY FUN: Open up the bin to find 24 oz. moldable, stretchable, expandable sand, a shovel, dozens of bumpy beads, whimsical molds, tongs, and more — play inside the case, then use it as a storage space!
EXPLORE DIFFERENT TEXTURES: Get hands-on with play sand, beads, figurines, and glittery pom balls — dump, scoop, shovel, and pinch them with a shovel and pair of tongs, or play a round of sensory iSpy!
DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF SMALL WORLD PLAY: Bring unicorns, cupcakes, and all kinds of sweet treats to life by packing sand inside the molds or using the impression rollers to create rainbow trails!
LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Use this sensory bin as an opportunity to engage in cognitive tasks like counting or sorting — or enjoy open-ended playtime and encourage your little one to tell stories!
SET INCLUDES: 30 Assorted Rainbow Pony Beads, 10 Glitter Pom Balls (2 Silver, 2 Gold, 2 Pink, 2 Red, 2 Yellow), 2 Unicorn Figurines (1 White, 1 Pink), 1 Star Roller Impression Tool, 1 Unicorn Mold, 1 Ice Cream Cone Mold, 1 Cupcake Mold, 1 Donut Mold, 1 Popsicle Mold, 12 Assorted Translucent Heart Beads, 1 Reusable Storage Case & Play Space (14.5 in. x 9.75 in. x 3.25 in.), 1 Pair Purple Tongs, 4 Moldable Sands (1 Pink, 1 Yellow, 1 Light Blue, 1 Purple), 1 Sand Shovel, Easy-to-Follow instructions

Open up a world of tactile fun with the Made By Me Explore + Create Sensory Bin! From 24 oz. of moldable, stretchable, expandable play sand to crunchy beads, super-soft glitter poms, and even unicorn figurines, this specially curated box of fun offers tons of ways for little ones to learn through tactile play! Pack the sand into the molds to form fun creatures and friends, then use the shovel to push and pile the sand around the bin. Hide the crunchy beads and soft poms throughout the sand and go on a sensory scavenger hunt — then press and roll impression tools to create rainbow trails and unicorns! This sensory bin functions as both a play space and storage case — just pack up the components and keep them inside when you’re done having fun! The Made by Me Explore + Create Sensory Bin is perfect for little learners ages 3 and up.