Magnetic Locks Protection From Children Baby Safety Lock Infant Security Locks Drawer Latch Cabinet Door Stopper Lock Limiter

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Product description


Are you worried about the safety of your baby once they start crawling & are capable of exploring?

Do you wonder how to keep your baby out of the cabinets & drawers and away from potentially harmful items?

Have you always terrified your baby may get into something they shouldn’t?

With Flanney Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks in your house, your will no worry about all these troubles and you can enjoy more relax time with your baby.

When Should I Install Magnetic Cabinet Locks?

You won’t need any magnetic cabinet locks until your baby is mobile. Once they start getting up in that crawling position, it won’t be long before they’re speed crawling across floor with the enthusiasm and energy that only a baby could muster.

If you have all sorts of things in your cabinets & drawers that your baby shouldn’t get a hold of, like cleaning products, make up and medicines. You’d better have your cabinets & drawers locked before they start crawling.

Do yourself a favor and put those Magnetic Cabinet Locks on before your little angel begins crawling. You’ll be able to rest easier while your little explorer is at working. +_+

How to Install

1. Place the Latches and Locks on the installation adapter.

2. Place it on cabinet frame.

3. Close the cabinets’ or drawers’ door and then the locks will automatically stick on the door.

4. Take away the installation adapter.


1. Door, cupboard and drawer which is thicker than 2 inch or with metal is not recommend.

2. Please cleaning and drying the furniture surface before installing.

3. Magnetic keys must be placed properly to avoid chewing or swallowing by children.

Package Content

12 x Locks

12 x Latches

2 x Installation cradle

3 x Keys

3 x Key holder

12 x Adhesive tape for locks

12 Adhesive tape for latches


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