Midea 11 Qt Dual Sync Air Fryer Oven, Two Zone Oven

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Midea 11 Qt Dual Sync Air Fryer Oven, Two Zone Oven


  • Two Independent Cooking Zones
  • 10 Cooking Programs
  • Sync Finish Technology
  • Wi-Fi Connected and App Supported
  • Space-saving Stacked Design

Product Details

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Midea 11-Quart Two Zone Air Fryer Oven

Completing an entire meal can sometimes be a challenge with the fast pace of everyday life. The Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven offers the capability to prepare two fully independent meals, or a meal and a side dish, simultaneously. The top portion has a 6qt Air frying basket while the bottom portion is a 5qt traditional toaster oven with air fry function. When making an entire meal in both cooking areas at the same time, use the Sync Finish feature to automatically align the cooking times of both zones so all food is finished at precisely the same time. No matter the settings, time or temperature required, this feature is designed to make cooking separate dishes convenient and seamless. The air fryer also possesses Wi-Fi capabilities through the MSmartHome app, allowing users to activate voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant, receive notifications and utilize all the air fryer’s features remotely. Through the MSmartHome app, users will also have access to 50+ pre-programmed smart recipes to remove any uncertainties around time and temperature to cook the perfect meal.

Product Features

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Cook Your Entire Meal in One Appliance



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Product Specifications

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Midea 11 Qt Dual Sync Air Fryer Oven


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Accessories Included

Upper Basket, Grill Tray, Drip Tray, Crisper Plate


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