My Squishy Littles - Snack Pack Multipack from the Little Dumplings Collection

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My Squishy Little Snack Packs

Let’s get Popping. Introducing My Squishy Little Snack Packs from WowWee. The Squishy Little characters you know and love, now with snack-sized personalities and over 56 food-inspired characters. Go ahead and squeeze your snacks for a fun surprise; either a body will drop or a mini charm popper will pop. Each pack comes with three interactive characters, surprise accessories, and bonus mini charm poppers. Can you find all 56 characters? Each character comes with its own unique charm or outfit, so no two are the same: a toaster with its pastry charm, a taco with its avocado, a marshmallow, headphones, and so many more. From pink cupcakes to clouds, you never know what character you’ll find. Let your friends guess…will it pop or will it drop? Get ready to show them off.

Product Features:
  • Exclusive bundle with extra accessories
  • Let’s get popping. Squeeze their cheeks and watch either a body drop-down or a charm pop out
  • What will you get? Inside you’ll find three surprise interactive characters, a surprise accessory, and 10 bonus mini charms
  • Collect them all: With over 50 characters to collect, their accessories and charms will surprise you
  • Iconic TV dinner packaging: The packaging becomes a playset. Play with your characters in a themed world
  • Age ranges: 5+
  • Includes three surprise interactive characters, surprise accessory, and 10 bonus mini charms
upc 771171148395
Type Toy
Size(s) 2.75"L x 8"W x 6.50"H
Age Range 5+
Number of Pieces 14
Color Multicolored
Includes 3 Surprise Interactive Characters, Surprise Accessory, and 10 Bonus Mini Charms
Item Dimensions 2.75"L x 8"W x 6.5"H
Item Weight 1 lb.

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