Pink 10" Phalaenopsis Orchid Duo, Two Plants in one Pot

Pink 10" Phalaenopsis Orchid Duo, Two Plants in one Pot

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10" Phalaenopsis Orchid Duo


  • Elegant indoor flowering plant
  • Dual planter
  • Purple blooms
This product does not ship to AK, HI, or PR.

This beautiful orchid planter features two Phalaenopsis orchids in an attractive ceramic pot. Easy to care for with long lasting blooms, Phalaenopsis orchids are a simple way to add a beautiful touch to your home decor.

Product Details

    • Type: Potted orchid
    • Quantity: Two plants in one pot
    • Shipping Size: 16” - 30” tall x 10” wide
    • Shipping Age: 2 years
    • USDA Zone: N/A, Indoor Plant
    • Light Needs: Bright, indirect sunlight
    • Water Needs: 3 ice cubes or ¼ cup water per orchid, once per week
    • Flowering Season: Upon receipt and up to two or more months after delivery, can rebloom with proper care
    • Flower Color: Purple
    • Growth Habit: Greenhouse
    • Mature Height: 16” - 30”
    • Mature Spread: 10” - 12”
    • Special Features: Double Spikes
    • Landscape Uses: For indoor decor, not an outdoor plant

Planting Tips & Instructions

    • The Orchid Duo planter is for indoor use and is not to be planted outdoors.

It will bloom for approximately two or more months upon delivery and can be rebloomed. Prune blooms as they die, and then fertilize the orchid every other week (mix houseplant fertilizer with water using half the recommended amount of fertilizer) under the leaves. Allow the liquid to drain completely out of the growing medium and discard waste. Water orchids normally on non-fertilizing weeks. Keep the orchid in a cooler environment, approximately 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, with the same amount of indirect sunlight as usual. When a root begins to grow upward from the plant, a new orchid spike is forming. Place in its usual location and return to your usual watering and fertilizing schedule.

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