Premier Pet Locking Pet Door

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Premier Pet Locking Pet Door

The Premier Pet Locking Pet Door gives your pet the freedom to come and go, while still allowing you to control access with multiple locking options. The door can be set to let your dog or cat in only, out only, both in and out, or locked completely by turning the knobs on both sides of the flap. When unlocked, your pet will easily push open the clear, hard flap that will swing back into place as he/she exists. This, combined with weather stripping around the flap opening, helps keep the outside heat and cold out of your house, providing higher energy efficiency. This simple DIY project will provide freedom your pet will love.

Product Features:

  • Plastic frame installs in paneled, wood, storm, PVC and metal doors, as well as interior and exterior walls
  • Clear, hard flap with weather stripping for energy efficiency
  • Multiple locking options for in only, out only, opened and locked settings
  • Best for pets 1-25 lbs. with a flap opening size of 7 1/8" by 7 1/4"
  • Installation is adjustable to fit doors 1/16" to 2" thick
  • U.S. customer support available by phone at (888) 640-8845
  • Includes interior frame with flap, tunnel support, exterior frame, installation guide, cutting template, short and long plastic core cover, 4 - 2 1/6" screws, 4 - 1 7/16" screws, 4 - 9/16" screws, four screw guides, four binder posts, eight finishing plugs
  • 1-year non-transferable limited warranty

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