Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and Indoor Cam with Manual Privacy Cover

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Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and Indoor Cam (Gen 2) with Manual Privacy Cover


  • Battery-powered Outdoor Security Camera
  • 1080p HDR Video, Two-way Talk With Audio+
  • 3D Motion Detection With Bird’s Eye Zones
  • Plug-in, Compact Indoor Cam With Privacy Cover
  • Get Real-time Motion Alerts in the Ring App

Product Details

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Product Features

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Product Video

Spotlight Cam Pro

Interactive Tour

  1. 1080p HDR Video and Dual-Band wifi
  2. LED spotlights and security siren
  3. Advanced 3D Motion Detection and adjustable motion zones
  4. Two-Way Talk with Audio+ and mobile notifications
  5. 1080p HD Video and Color Night Vision
  6. Two-Way Talk
  7. Motion-Activated Notifications
  8. Manual Privacy Cover

Product Features

Product Features

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