Wavestorm Hypermax 42.5in Bodyboard, 2-Pack

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Wavestorm 42.5" Hypermax Bodyboard 2-pack


  • Molded Foam Core with Skintec Strengthening Layer and Superior Grip and Traction
  • Graphic WBS™-IXL (water barrier skin) Deck for Long Lasting Color and Resilience
  • Graphic High Density Slick Bottom for Rigidity
  • Channeled Bottom for Increased Control, Traction, and Speed
  • Hand-Crafted Rails Provide Smooth Traction to Waves
  • Standard Tube Leash and Installed Leash Plug

Product Details

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Wavestorm Hypermax 42.5in Bodyboard

About Wavestorm

Wavestorm™, creators of numerous quality foam constructed sporting goods brings a new concept body board not only designed for recreational fun but designed for performance for many ocean conditions. Featuring a strong foam water resistant core with Skintec strengthening layer, rigid polyurethane slick bottom for strength and buoyancy, and covered with a graphic WBS-IXL (water barrier skin) cross link deck skin. The patented graphic technology in the graphic skin has increased resistance to fading or rubbing away in use. Includes all the features of a well-rounded body board with enhanced channel bottom , contoured top deck, contoured rail grips, installed leash plug with basic leash. The Hypermax is perfect for riders up to 190lbs.

Wavestorm 2-Pack 42.5in Hypermax Body Board Foam Construction 1596904

Wavestorm 2-Pack 42.5in Hypermax Body Board

Board Material: Expanded polystyrene foam core with Skintec Strengthening layer, Foam top deck, hand crafted rail, and slick and rigid foam bottom with channels


• Molded foam core with Skintec strengthening layer

• Contoured core for superior grip and traction

• Graphic WBS™-IXL (water barrier skin) deck with U.V resistant inhibitors for long lasting color and resilience

• Graphic high density slick bottom for rigidity

• Channeled bottom for increased control, traction, and speed

• Hand crafted rails provide smooth traction to waves

• Installed leash plug

• Standard tube leash


Overall Board Length: 42.5in

Overall Board Width: 22in

Overall Thickness: 2.25in

Overall Board Weight: 4.2lbs

Recommended Maximum Rider Weight: 190lbs

MFG #: BB9466

Construction of the Hypermax

Hypermax Body board Details

Shipping Details

Shipping Details


Package Height: 44"

Package Width: 23.6"

Package Depth: 5.9"

Package Weight: 12.45 lbs.

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