Zuru Smashers Dino Island Epic Egg, Over 25 Surprises Inside

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Zuru Smashers Dino Island Epic Egg - Series 5


Slime, Fizz and Smash your way through over 25 Surprises inside to build the exclusive Smash-O-Saur Dino. Use the scratch map to excavate the Dino Egg to unearth compounds like the fizzy lava bomb and Ice Age Putty with hidden Smash-O-Saur Bones. Collect all the bones to start building one of three exclusive Smash-o- Saurs. Inside each Epic Dino Egg, you'll discover more surprises like Smash Eggs digging tools and rebuilders.Product Features:

  • Smashers all-new Epic Dino Egg: Smash open the new smash egg to find out what is crawling inside. Over 25 surprises to slime, fizz and smash your way through
  • Build Your Own Dinosaur: You'll find your very own scratch map inside the egg, which will show you where the different parts of your dinosaur are located. After digging, fizzing, and smashing through the different components you can create your very own dinosaur skeleton
  • Even More Smashers: The Smashers Epic Dino Egg comes with six Smash Dino Eggs, meaning you can keep smashing. Smash eggs are reusable and recyclable and come with a rebuilder to help with rebuilding
  • Smashers World: Smash your egg on the ground, against the wall or anywhere you can imagine, and start building your Smashers collection today. Then rebuild and resmash so the fun never ends. It's a Smashers World
  • Age ranges: 3+
  • Includes one Epic Egg Dino, one Dino Egg yolk bag, one scratch n' find map, one digging tool, one dino slime, one ice age putty, one fossil rock, one fizzy lava volcano, one dino dirt sand, six mini smash eggs with six surprise characters, one smash egg rebuilder, one smash-o-saur

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